Detailing Services for both Structural Steel and Miscellaneous Steel disciplines

Among these disciplines, we are experienced in developing a complete and coordinated building fabrication package. In this role, we offer the following services:

  • Building Information Modeling 
  • Development of shop drawings (Assemblies, Gathers, General Arrangement) 
  • Development of a complete erection package (Anchor Bolt Plan, Floor Plans, Elevations, Details)

​We are also experienced with the development of custom drawing packages per the customer’s unique specifications. We often meet or exceed expectations required for a client's budgetary issues and time constraints.We can evaluate and breakout the customers intended scope for the project and establish a price for that portion prior to a clients bid time.
Specific areas of expertise that we have developed drawing packages for include:

  • Commercial Buildings – Single, Multi Story or Custom
  • Stair Tower and Railing systems – industrial and architectural
  • Industrial Platforms, Buildings and Structures
  • Architectural Structures 
  • Custom components for building packages include: canopies, ladders, mezzanines, roof frames
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Pittsburgh Steel Detailing Services Corporation