Steel/Miscellaneous/Structural detailer’s drawings generally go through several phases. 
If there is any unclear information that would prevent the detailer from creating or completing the drawings accurately, a request for information(RFI) is sent to the relevant trades(typically the general contractor, architect or structural engineer) before proceeding. 
If the required information is not needed immediately, then the detailer may opt to list the questions on the drawings. 

Following creation of the drawing, the detailer must usually (as described above) submit a copy of the drawing to the architect and engineer for review (“approval”). Copies of the drawing may be sent to fabricators at this time or the general contractor, for informational purposes only. 
The drawing must also be checked for accuracy and completeness by another detailer (for this purpose, the “checker”). To keep track of changes during the drawing creation workflow the revisions are identified by increment, an associated number or letter code which should appear in the drawing revision block.
 Comments arising from approval and corrections made during checking must be resolved, and the original drawing must be updated accordingly (or “scrubbed”). After this, the drawing may be released to the fabricator and/or erector for use in construction.

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Pittsburgh Steel Detailing Services Corporation
Steel Detailer  prepares 3D modeled detailed drawing reports for the manufacture/fabricator. Drawing details include anchor bolt/assembly plans, material erection plan of steel members (columns, beams, braces, trusses, stairs, handrails, joists, metal decking, etc.) used in the construction of buildings, bridges, industrial plants, and nonbuilding structures. These drawings are then submitted to the engineer for approval. If there are any changes necessary, drawings are then sent back to the detailer to revise. Drawings are sent to the manufacturer to be released for fabrication. The shop foreman distributes these drawings to the laborers, fitters, welders to build the project.
Pittsburgh Steel Detailing Services Corp